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Awkward Passions :iconbloo180:bloo180 0 2
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Arty art art. Making new and improved shit.


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The Gray Swan --- Teaser --- [Eli]
Hanlon’s Bad Morning
The coffee was bitter, but this early in the morning it didn’t matter. Hanlon just needed to be awake. Downing the rest of the cup, he tossed it in the trash and picked up a newspaper from the stack. As he read the headline, his fists closed around the edges of the paper, white-knuckled.
On one side of the front page was a picture of the city mayor, taken at a recent press conference. On the opposite side, a police sketch.
He stared at the sketch, looking into the empty eyes staring back at him from the page.
Tommy Carelli.
That damn bastard, always one step ahead of them. One step ahead of him. He was just trying to make them look bad, now. The talk of the town, Boston’s personal legend. Depending on who you asked, Tommy Carelli was many things. He was a godsend and a demon. A businessman and death itself. The hand of karma and a downright madman. All of these descriptions had come from tho
:icongedrochten:gedrochten 1 2
Shattering Diamonds [Asa]
Patient Name: Sattari, Asa
Patient Number: 656886
Patient Ward: A
Primary Doctor: D. Milton, D.O.
Date: 3 April, 1923
Notes: General patient report, to be attached to patient file upon delivery to Pinegrove Asylum (to the desk of Ciel Berteau, D.O., preceding patient transfer)
Patient information:
The patient is docile, and shows no signs of any violent tendencies whatsoever, despite the situation which led to his initial admittance [to Ridgewood State School].
The patient was directly responsible for the death of his infant sibling, Razia Sattari. The death was caused by massive head trauma as the result of falling down a flight of stairs in the patient’s home. The sibling’s death was ruled accidental/negligent.
In the same event that caused the infant’s death, the patient received severe damage to the left temporal lobe, along with minor damage to the frontal lobe. Patient has no recollection of the event. The patient refers to his deceased sibling in the presen
:icongedrochten:gedrochten 1 2
Wow thats a lot of snk junk by moni158 Wow thats a lot of snk junk :iconmoni158:moni158 5,987 308 Golden Trio by moni158 Golden Trio :iconmoni158:moni158 5,481 178 On that day humanity received a grim reminder by LadyGT On that day humanity received a grim reminder :iconladygt:LadyGT 33,311 2,767


bloo180's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
:iconflowersplz: :iconflowersplz: :iconflowersplz: :iconflowersplz: :iconflowersplz:

I like to draw assorted disturbing things with ink and write occasional morbid literature. GET AT ME.
  • Listening to: Nightcall by Kavinsky
  • Reading: Broccoli and Desire
  • Watching: Samurai Champloo
  • Playing: Silent Hill 2
  • Eating: Pretzels and Hummus
  • Drinking: White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha (this shit is ace)
Hm, well, I quit my job!

That's a thing.

I honestly couldn't deal with waking up at 5 am four times a week, when I specifically asked my manager NOT to schedule me any kind of early shifts. To be frank, I resemble an evil lord on the verge of death when I wake up in the morning, so THAT wasn't gona happen... plus, I'm small and weak, so lifting heavy objects onto shelves twice my size didn't sound very fucking ace to me. I'd really like my old job at Kohl's back, but they aren't hiring. SOB. :crying:

On a more important note, I started writing my christmas cards to literally every human being I know, since I'm feeling generous and the christmas cheer needs to fall out of my ass sooner or later. I even bought real wax seals, so they're gona be high quality as hell! (sorta)

Got 2 out of 3 of my finals done as well, which I'm hoping to at least land a C or a B in all three of my classes. It's disappointing in a way that the class I love the most will be my lowest grade (oops i never put effort in anything ). Ah well. I'm going back home for Christmas break the 18th of December. I miss my friends. And my dogs. And free food. 

Been drawing a lot more lately, which really proves productive when I actually sit down and just fucking do it. 

seacrest out :heart:



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